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Smart Entrepreneurs Only

The Resource Banq Group is a Value-Added Equity Capital group, offering a uniquely integrated pool of Knowledge, Networks and Capital.

It is the perfect growth environment for successful ventures and entrepreneurs.

Value Investors
Complexity made simple

Use us to make the complexity of alternative investments simple and lucrative.

Get Strategic

We have created the perfect home for amazing entrepreneurs.

Resource BanQ Group

Our track record and tremendous future potential make RBG a place where talented people thrive.

Easy to Build Perfect Partnerships.

Long-term value investors and enlightened Entrepreneurs are brought together to form amazing partnerships.

Collaborative Capital

Our uniqueness is what will see your business grow faster with less effort, what we refer to as Collaborative Capital. Our customers can go directly to our portfolio companies for a specific solution or they can utilise the Resource BanQ to find a completely integrated and seamless solution. We don’t only solve problems, but we can resource them as well.

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Team members




Resource BanQ Group operates a number of industry specialist groups.

Allowing us to provide greater depth of understanding and support in a particular field.


Resource BanQ Financial manages our finance related companies.


Resource BanQ Education manages our education and training companies.


Resource BanQ is our consulting division, integrating our companies allowing us to provide real results for Entrepreneurs.


Resource BanQ's research and development provides Entrepreneurs valuable access to knowledge, networks and capital.


Resource BanQ Capital is available to Entrepreneurs who at all stages of the business life stage. We are flexible in our approach and have the goal of making businesses better, not getting in the way.


Network effects make a huge difference to the outcome of your business and life. Being involved with Resource BanQ means you can access the relationships you need to get through the barriers in the way of your success.


Having the latest and most accurate information is important, but it comes second to having the knowledge on how to execute on that information. With Resource BanQ you have access to both, and with that your business will flourish.

We’ll help you get there!
  • Break through barriers in your business

  • Access amazing resources

  • Be the preeminent player in your market

  • Have an enviable balance sheet

  • Know your future with confidence


Investors vs Entrepreneurs

A value investor and an enlightened entrepreneur are almost one in the same. We understand this because at our foundation we are both a value investor and an entrepreneur. That is what makes us unique.

Without that core understanding you have investors and entrepreneurs at odds with each other, at Resource BanQ Group you find genuine partners who develop amazing companies.

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