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Welcome to RBG

We Buy, Hold, And Amplify Great Companies.

RBG is a conglomerate holding company owning a series of sub-conglomerates or specialised holding companies.

Our Core Values

RBG’s values are unique in the finance sector and we are perfectly positioned to be a leader in the field because of these values.

We Look for Value

We Strive for Independent Thinking

The best idea wins

The Purpose of RBG

RBG’s purpose is to be the safest place to store and preserve shareholders’ risk-free capital to generate returns that are above alternative risk-free options.

RBG makes the preservation and management of shareholders’ capital simple, maximised and safe, gaining value over the long term.

Risk is with the investor, due to an investors knowledge, not the investment and as such RBG provides the expertise to parse investment decisions that would be outside the shareholders normal expertise or resources, reducing the shareholders risk.

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We partner with You by Investing

Learn About Our Collaborative Capital

RB Capital manages private investments on a no performance no fee basis. RB Capital partners with you by investing significantly alongside investors in each fund. Investing through RB Capital means a transparent, easy way to achieve market- beating returns.

RBG builds its deal flow through its consulting arm ‘Resource Banq’. Consulting continues to provide many unique opportunities. In this way RBG is much the same model as GE with the consulting group as the integration of its portfolio. It is a scalable model repeating itself within each sub-group.

RBG is a Place to Hold Your Wealth

Our Sub-conglomerates

RB Capital

Private equity/VC
Funds management

RB Education

Education Services and Management

RB Industrial

Civil and Engineering 

RB Communications

Design and Marketing

Resource BanQ

Management Consulting and Advisory

RB Property

Property Development and Management

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About Resource Banq Group

RBG is currently based on the Gold Coast. Established in 2009, it has just ticked over its 12th year. Running a remote team RBG has not needed a fixed office. Majority shareholder, founder, CEO and Investment Manager is John McAlpine MBA/MFin.

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