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We are not just financial people. We are a trusted advisor and partner for all your business growth.

RBG is for increasing the value of the shareholders investment.

More About RBG

RBG started 12 years ago from a basic premise; people have two problems in getting what they want, they either don’t know what they want or they don’t have the resources to make what they want happen. From that second problem, and playing on the idea of a bank, came the concept of a banquet of resources. A Resource BanQ.

It would be fair to say that identifying value is in John’s DNA and the idea of filling the Banq with resources is a logical or even natural step for John.

The holding group is kept deliberately lean where
there are currently less than 5 people required to operate a successful company.


John McAlpine

MBA/MAppFin BSurv

The founder is John McAlpine who has studied an MBA, MFinance and Surveying. He has experience in founding start-up companies in Computers, Media/Advertising, Construction, Retail and Training. He has worked in the Property and development field in both the Government and Private sectors. He raised $12million from a top 4 Australian bank in the 12 months following the GFC, and has been involved in raising over $30million for start up ventures.

He is the developer of Neural Economics a decision methodology. John leads the consulting arm and is considered a turnaround specialist, advising CEO’s in both the public and private sector. The RBG concept was considered a necessity for entrepreneurs in need of a vehicle big enough to fit their vision. John doesn’t feel the need to believe in the limitations of others if they are going to get in the way of doing something worthwhile.

Why People Become Shareholders

RBG has increased investment value for investors over 70%.p.a. since 2015. It has a philosophy of storing wealth for the long term with certainty, which investors like. Its equity based approach to investment resembles Arabic banks in which they are interested in solid and stable equity based lending, as opposed to financial engineering and leverage.

Why Shareholders Invest

In a word, predictability. The preservation of capital is our number one rule. The money invested will go in as a share holding of Resource Banq Group and it then gets allocated to the acquisition of businesses. As a shareholder you benefit from the existing portfolio contributing profits into the Group.

Shareholders are Co-owners and receive the benefit of a cohesive, comprehensive and coordinated financial team by investing in Resource Banq Group. RBG and Co-owners are working from the same sheet of music, they want to preserve capital and grow it for the long term.

Capital parked in RBG is most efficient because it is optimised for taxes, removes any non-performing investment fees or hidden commissions, and transfers risk properly. The benefits of being across multiple companies in multiple industries is risk mitigation, and through asset protection, liquidity, or downside protection, it protects from having a major loss at some time.

As a general rule, most long term steady investments that are predictable are either non-existent, very small return and/or boring, however, as a RBG Co-owner you can get far more vision into what is happening with the portfolio, making it a far more interesting investment.

Investment in Resource BanQ Group is not for returns, it is for accumulation. You invest so your shares are worth more in the future, not because you need a cash flow return. If you are wanting to access some of the value in your RBG shares, you can get a line of credit against the value of the shares as needed, allowing you to invest in something else if you wish to get a cash flow.

The Benefits Of Putting Money Into RBG


Diversified/Risk Mitigated


Limited Access

A Team and Process


Invest in What You Know

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